tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

My Dream World in Keetmanshoop with the Dream Team

My Dream World worshop started at Keetmanshoop with the Dream Team of Ombetja Yehiga. The Dream Team is a talented group of young people who use sining and dancing to share AIDS/HIV awarness. We started the first day (17.6.2013) with the group with sharing our good memories and gettining to know each others. Sharing a memory tells something personal about us and in this way we can relate to each others better. After this we were discussing the challanges and problems (rape, abuse, negligence, negative attitude, Hiv/aids) of the present day and how the dream world should be about (love, respect, peace, no drugs, no abuse) We built a bridge from the present day problems into the dream world. The gap was bridged with the actions (be honest, go hiv test, respect, never give up) that you can do to reach for the dreamworld. The Dream Team carried out to build their paper city of dreams and to city planning. This was done in small groups where participants discussed what should the dream city be like. The first day included also a drama work where we were creating a persona for the dream world and a short story or service joyrney about the things that the dream world would have. Interview of one of the participants at youtube http://youtu.be/PTBEQRoT-0s

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